Friday, December 27, 2013

Kotak Securities - Multiple Share Trading Platforms

Multiple Share Trading Platforms (Kotak Securities)

As per your trading needs Kotak Securities introduces trading platforms. If you're an Online Customer, Kotak Securities offers multiple mechanisms to place your trade. Be it a wi fi-zone or a cybercafé or a 3G connection or GPRS handset or a completely aloof from internet zone, you'll always have access to trade through Kotak Securities. We are one of the brokers to have the highest number of trading platforms to serve your trading needs.

Mode Application Type of Application Satisfying Need
Internet Website Web Access all the features on the web
Desktop KEATProX .EXE based application Ultra high speed experience with advanced features. Exe based application.
Desktop FASTLANE Java applet KEATProX like experience when your office premises do not allow application installations
Mobile Stock Trader Mobile Application High speed trading experience on a Mobile
Mobile / Computer Xtralite Web When you have a weak internet connectivity
Phone Call and Trade - When you're not in an Internet zone
Phone Branch Advisory - When you're not in an Internet zone