Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sharekhan Launces -Sharekhan Ignite Trading System,IGNITE TradeTiger

Sharekhan launces ignite trading platform to their customers.It is advance system that works fine for novice trader as well as expert trader.
Sharekhan Ignite slogan line for this campaign “Myth: Trading is hard Fact: Trading is hard.”
Sharekhan introduce Ignite one year mentoring program Where you'll not only learn how to trade, but to do it without the fear of losses. What's more you will also get mentoring support for an entire year. Plus the confidence of being part of the trader community.
Ignite having following Features as mentioned by Sharekhan
  • 1 month of trading education by Online Trading Academy, the global leader in trading education.
  • 40 controlled trades where we absorb losses (if any)
  • Mentoring support for a year
  • Access to Live online trading room with professional traders
  • IGNITE TradeTiger : Advanced trading platform
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