Monday, January 2, 2012, icici direct trading Features for Traders Fast and Reliable,how to use icici direct

Features on

Capital Gain - Equity
Generate Capital gain statement online for equity portfolio & use it for tax return.

Capital Gain - Mutual Funds
Generate Capital gain statement online for MF portfolio & use it for tax filing.

Consolidate and track your investments and the performance of portfolio online.

Profit from our intra day and short term research recommendation.

Our medium and long term recommendations.

Equity SIP
Create SIP in stock for fixed amount or quantity to achieve investment goals.

Create your own customized watch list(s) to track your favourite stocks.

iDirect Alerts
Get SMS alerts on your mobile buy and sell stocks when it reaches your set target.

Authorised Representative
You can appointment a representative to get service for your account on your behalf.

eMarket Watch
Track stock market with live streaming quotes of stocks / contracts of your choice.

Advance Chart
Do your own technical analysis using advanced charts and tools online.
Transfer In
Consolidate your offline MF Investments to a/c track & transact.


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