Tuesday, October 11, 2011

kotak securities Keat pro download

Kotak Trading Software KEAT Pro X

Download Kotak Securities KeatProX  Trading Software

KEAT Pro X, a free, easy-to-use. integrated web - based online share trading platform allows you to trade in Equity, Derivatives and Currency Derivatives. With KEAT Pro X you can monitor the stock market at real time, study the stocks using charts and place order.

This platform is powered with many features that make your trading experience faster and easier.
Real time streaming data - Watch the market at real time with free streaming stock quotes from NSE, BSE & NSE Currency. Available information also has details of Market Lot, Top Gainers/Losers, Indices Update, Top Active Scrips, Option Calculator.

Charting Tools - With available charting facility you can study and understand the pattern of the stock of your choice.

Live Account Information - Track your account information live, view placed orders; get trade confirmation; view , limits, positions, changing profit and loss etc. You can customise the reports as per your convenience.

Customisable - KEAT Pro X lets you create your own personalised view of the Indian share market so you can watch the data you want. You can create multiple watch lists that can have upto 50 scrips in each of them; these watch list can be set in tabs.

If you are a client of Kotak Securities, you can easily download and install KEAT Pro X on your machine, absolutely free of charge! To use it, you have to be connected to the internet before starting the application. Access to KEAT Pro X is free of charge and is available for all the online customers of Kotak Securities. If you wish to login and download, click here.

kotak securities Keat pro download


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