Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trading : NSE,BSE Market Today

The Markets today crashed comprehensively, but not deeply. With a fall of 2.2%, our fall is relatively nice compared to what European Markets fell today and what the US market is at. As I write, the indexes:
DAX: –5.8% 
FTSE: –4.5% 
CAC: –5.5% 
S&P 500 (US):-4.65%
Indian stocks on US exchanges are getting pummelled though, as IBN (ICICI Bank) is down 9%, and HDFC Bank (HDB) is down 4%.

The P/E (historical, standalone) has gone below 18 for the first time since 15 May 2009 (the day before the massive rise in the indexes (“Post Election Upper Circuit”), when it was 17.34.