Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sharekhan Lightweight Website SharekhanMini for Slow Internet

Introduction of SharekhanMini

SharekhanMini intend to give our Low Bandwidth Users  a complete (NSE/BSE/NSEFO) solution on the handsets , hence we call it “Sharekhan Mini” aka Low Bandwidth Web Site.
What SharekhanMini wish to present is the extremely user friendly UI and rocking speedy website. This might look contradictory to the above statement as it was meant for people having sorry internet connectivity. “Yes” But on a free way like a broadband/corporate internet this website works faster than the classic one’s, reason being its customized to work on low fuel and when you put it on nitro it glides.These are basic facts about Sharekhanmini.

Low bandwidth can be due to:

  • 1) Rural areas where high speed connections are not available or
  • 2) Financial situation- that is, expensive high-speed connection
  • 3) Some older technologies load pages very slowly and do not support features used on newer sites.